Old experiments, summer music, poems, books and art

September 2022

Hello Friends, I finally feel like I am at a good place with my personal website. Building into the principle of owning my data, I exported all my books…

August 2022

On rebuilding my website and bringing back a flash of joy from yesterweb
Brian Eno, Sister Corita Kent and John Cage on creative immersion
A young warrior battles fear
Tom Sachs Studio, Ten Bullets and the DO list

July 2022

Overview of my manifesto to build a good web and a peek into my new work, Heartland
Masala Inc. Down the Rabbit Hole

June 2022

Being kind to yourself, Everything Eveywhere All At Once, Watering the plants of activism

February 2022

Michael Schur, Ukraine, Tiny homes, Virginia Woolf and reading more
Libby, libraries and books, books, books
Impermanence, memories, and perverse normalization of immigration